Xcapadez hosts a Paltalk Video/Audio Chat Room.

This room is advertisement free, soliciation free and refuses to accept the typical drama associated with chat rooms.

This room was orignally created only to host the annual DJ Contest but by popular demand it will remain open indefintely.

The Favorite DJ Contest is open to all DJ's across Paltalk, regardless of what room you regularly visit.

Stay tuned for details of the 2012 contest! It promises to be evne more exciting than last years! Get your coziest clothes on, grab a drink, turn your speakers up and be prepared to have a terrific night. Join us by clicking any of the images below!


Welcome to Xcapadez

This Blue 500 person max, room was created specifically to host the Favorite Paltalk 2011 DJ/Entertainer contest. Stay tuned for details of the 2012 contest.

Click below to enter chat

We hope to have the opportunity to listen to some of the best DJ's that Paltalk has to offer. Let us listen to you and open yourself up to an amazing Christmas gift from those of us who value your participation!